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Where can I play disc golf in Wanaka?

We have two beautiful basketed disc golf courses in Wanaka to choose from


An open course with stunning views of Roys Peak, Mt Aspiring and Lake Wanaka. 

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An open course with stunning views of Roys Peak, Mt Aspiring and Lake Wanaka. 

Lismore Park Course Description

Open, and easily accessible for newcomers and professionals alike, and it is only a 5 minutes walk from downtown. There is no tiger-country, no water shots, and almost no way to lose a disc!


Still, the course offers many challenges, and on a calm day, many aces are in the offing. It is well supported by local players, and Queenstowners alike.

It has firm ground from start to finish, with very short grass, and the walking is easy. The baskets are beautifully designed by Simon Feasey, with swooping curves which are far more sympathetic than the square-bottomed traditional items. 

Running down, and then back up the park, the elevation changes by around 60 meters or so, with quite a few uphill and downhill tees. All baskets are visible from each tee. The tee pads are well-constructed too, with hardwood beams heading the wood-bordered paving.

Info & Directions

18 Holes, Par 57

Price - FREE

To start at Hole 1 (the "top of the course") park at the town end of Lismore Street and walk up the pathway where you'll find the Lismore Park Disc Golf sign and Teepad 1. Alternatively park on Plantation Road by the mountain bike park and take the path through to Hole1.


To start at Hole 7, 8 or 9 (the "bottom of the course" as many locals prefer to do) park in the carpark at Beaumont Street (connects Lismore Street and Plantation Road).

Disc Golf Wanaka runs club days at 12.30pm every Sunday, meet at Hole 8, Beaumont Street. It's a great way to meet like minded disc golfers and improve your game. Locals and visitors all welcome.


Find out more on our club page here



A more technical course that snakes it's way through the pine forest at Eely Point. 

Eely Point Course Description

Just a couple of minutes drive from the Lismore Park course (or a 12 minute bike ride around the Eastern lake edge from town), the Eely Point Disc Golf course offers a change from the wide fields and hills of Lismore, challenging players on their accuracy through and around the pines that line each side of the point.


Like most wooded courses, all holes at Eely reward an accurate (but not necessarily long) drive from the teepad. Hole 2 ("Straight Up"), Hole 5 ("Thyme Lords") and Hole 6 ("Rock Of Ages") are some fun "Thread The Needle" type examples of this. 

Hole 3, with it's basket at the tip of the point, offers not just the best views on the course but possibly the easiest ace opportunity (on a calm day at least), while Hole 8 is the longest of the course at just shy of 110m (360ft).

Underfoot you'll play the first four holes on a carpet of pine needles, transitioning to grass for the remainders of the holes. 

All up you'll find Eely Point offers a disc golf experience similar to Queenstown's Garden Course, making it the perfect complement to the original Lismore Park course.

Info & Directions

9 Baskets, Par 54 (2 rounds of 9 baskets)

Price - FREE

To start at Hole 1 enter the Eely Point Recreational Reserve taking the first entrance on your left off Lakeside Road if you're coming from town. Park by the Scout Den (pretty much immediately on your left after the entrance to the Reserve) and you will find Teepad 1 next to the Scout Den.


Currently there is no signage from each basket to the next teepad although all baskets are numbered and all holes have a paved teepad. Holes 1, 2 and 3 make their way along the lake side of the point and from hole 4 you make your way back along the other side of the point. After Hole 7, Hole 8 and 9 work their way back up the point.


To complete a full round of 18 holes head back to Hole 1 and start over.

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