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Lismore Park Disc Golf Course set to "Ace Mode"

Summer is coming and we want it to be a summer of aces!

To keep things interesting we like to change things up now and again and thanks to a mammoth effort by Disc Golf Wanaka crew members Ed Waddington and Andy Klun, most of the baskets at Lismore Park have been moved back to their previous (more Ace-able) positions.

It's easy to get stuck when you're playing the same course over and over and these new positions will help players with bigger arms work on their shorter touch shots.

For those desperate for some big long holes we recommend you play the long basket on hole 14 (it's over by the roadside in front of the College on Plantation Road) and holes 12, 17 and 3 will still offer some room to get your full hukk on.

Now get out there and run those chains people!

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